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Our Approach

With our unique approach, HOMMA offers users an unparalleled experience in security,
convenience, and comfort in their homes.

We believe smart home technology shows great promise in enriching our daily lives. However, many of the smart home devices and apps available today have common problems preventing mass adoption. These problems include connectivity issues due to devices from different manufacturers, fragmented experiences of having to deal with multiple apps for different purposes, and the frustration of trying to install them on your own or make changes afterwards.

Furthermore, if your wireless connection goes down, so do all the smarts in your smart home. If only it could be much simpler.

With HOMMA, it is.


Design Built

Much of the interoperability or interconnectivity issues arise from the fact that smart home devices are retrofitted in existing homes. At HOMMA, we take a whole new approach by partnering with home builders to have our solutions built-in from the blueprint stage.


User Centric

We place the utmost importance on user experience. Often, devices or apps require users to modify their behavior or to adapt to the technology, not the other way around. Technology should just fade into the background and let the user focus on what’s most important to them.


Always Connected

Imagine due to poor Internet connectivity your lights don't turn on or your water stops running. More than an inconvenience in your day and most likely, once one experiences such issues we are hesitant to use them again. We ensure that 24 x 7, our users never have to worry.

Our team comes from the world’s most innovative and global companies



Takeshi TED Homma

Founder and CEO

Ted is an entrepreneur and corporate executive with more than 20 years’ experience. He founded his first internet startup in 1995, selling it in 2003 when he joined Sony Corporation, where he worked on business strategy and new Internet business creation centered on Sony’s eco-system. In 2008, he transferred to Sony Corporation of America where he worked on eBook business strategy. Ted left Sony and joined Rakuten in 2012 as Executive Officer and led their global digital content strategy and Silicon Valley business development activities. In 2016, he left Rakuten to found HOMMA, Inc. in Palo Alto, California.

Ryo Inoue

VP of Architectural Design

Ryo is an architect with 10 years of design and project management experience and the ability to absorb cultures and create unique design solutions. He has designed a variety of structures including hotels, offices, residences, and retail buildings. His experience spans from furniture to urban design in a number of countries including Japan, China, Peru, and USA.

Erik Riley

VP of Finance and

Erik’s career began 19 years ago and includes roles in supporting hardware and software business management, finance/FP&A, reporting and business intelligence, and operations/manufacturing management. He has held roles at global and regional headquarters as well as in global business units at companies such as Sony Electronics Inc. and Ingram Micro. He also served as a consultant to a Japanese publishing and media company.

Chris Painter

VP of Product

Chris has extensive hardware and software product development experience in both Japan and the US over the past 18 years. Prior to Homma, Chris was brought to GoPro to build and manage a product team for all the new software initiatives at GoPro. Before GoPro he was one of the original core members behind the product experience for the successful FireTV at Amazon’s Lab126 division. Earlier in his career he has developed and launched numerous hardware and software products at Sony in both Japan and the US.

Sukemasa Kabayama

Executive Officer,
Marketing and Operations

Masa has held various leadership roles at top global companies with a focus on innovation. Most recently as President of Tesla Motors Japan, he led the launch and market expansion strategy for the Model S. Prior to Tesla, Masa was Director of Education at Apple, responsible for go-to-market strategies for launching the iPad in the education sector and Country Manager at LEGO Education, where he built numerous new businesses in Japan including government endorsed robotics programs and LEGO Schools across Asia.

Kriz Mendoza

Lead Backend Engineer

Kriz is a maker of things; a hacker, tinkerer, coder, and all around problem solver. He has experience in building scalable, reactive, extensible backend services and API's, and enabling real time communication between systems and devices. Kriz has also managed teams and led those teams from early development all the way to production scale. Kriz is into his family, IoT, real time communication, messaging, jewelry making, learning, and making things work.

Joven Matias

Director, Product Innovation
and User Experience

Joven developed his expertise in building innovative products at global companies for over 10 years. Having held positions in engineering, design, and product development, Joven passionately brings a unique approach to innovation. Prior to HOMMA, Joven led Storytelling products for GoPro developing advanced technology that empowers users to be creative effortlessly. Before GoPro, he lead product design and development at Amazon’s Lab126, Idealab, and Disney/ABC Television Group. By constantly exploring the intersection of art and technology, he’s been recognized with a Technical Emmy Award, along with multiple inventor awards from Disney, Amazon and GoPro.

Ha Phan

Principal UX Architect

Ha Phan is a UX professional who loves emergent technologies. Having had the experience of building her own home from the ground up, HOMMA felt like the next logical step. Most recently, Ha was the product owner and Principal Designer for Storytelling at GoPro. Ha's focus was driving innovation and strategy through design experiments for video editing in both 2D and 360, resulting in many patents. Ha was formerly VP of Design at Porch, taking the company from pre-seed to Series A funding. Earlier on, she's held multiple positions designing experiences in the education, consumer, and enterprise space.

Raymond Kim

Principal Software Engineer

Raymond has 16 years of software engineering experience with expertise in Apple’s ecosystem. Previously, Raymond led GoPro’s mobile effort building its first Developer Program and launching an app with 14+ million downloads. While at Intuit, he launched TurboTax’s top grossing iPad app. He began his career in various roles at Microsoft and Sony. Raymond received his Master of Science degree in Computer Science from the University of California, San Diego.

Jonathan Wills

VP of Engineering

Jonathan is an engineer and entrepreneur with over 14+ years of engineering experience under his belt. He was CEO and founder of Lumific, an intelligent photo management service, which was acquired by GoPro in 2016. At GoPro he managed the artificial intelligence team and built video-understanding technologies for smart video editing. Earlier in his career he worked in the motion picture industry, where he received two sci-tech academy award nominations and built proprietary software used to create the magic seen in movies like Harry Potter and The Lego Movie.

Dr. Rahul Rajan

Research Scientist, Machine Learning

Rahul has 8+ years of experience designing and building context-aware systems. His expertise lies at the intersection of machine learning, signal processing and user experience. For his thesis, he built one of the first proactive systems to estimate real-time driver task load in order to reduce driver distraction. Prior to this, he worked as an IC Design Engineer in the semiconductor industry. Rahul received his PhD on Considerate Systems from Carnegie Mellon University, and a BS/MS degree in ECE from Georgia Tech.

Tim Flack

Principal Software Engineer

Tim's career spans more than 20 years building software and systems architecture for startups and larger organizations including Akamai, Red Bull and GoPro where he was the Principal Software Engineer for the media team. While his work involves creating complex technology he considers the real challenge building that complexity while making the technology transparent to the people who use it. Tim’s work in mobile video earned him a patent for video editing and distribution on mobile devices and he currently has a patent pending for his creation of offline audience measurement algorithms for the outdoor advertising industry.

Will Froelich

Lead User Experience Engineer

For over twenty years, Will has been developing user experiences. While the medium has shifted over the years: Software, hardware, technology, artistic, the goal remains; delight and inspire the user’s perspective. Specializing in prototyping and storytelling, for years Will has helped companies grow their brand and profits. Will has worked with startups like Loud3r, NUORDER and Idealab developing early stage products and growing them to investment. He has also worked with large brands like Disney, GoPro and Lifelock prototyping and executing new experiences.


We are hiring passionate professionals who are looking to transform the way we live inside and outside our homes.
Email careers@hom.ma to learn about open positions and we hope you can join our expanding team of dreamers and doers.



2595 E Bayshore Rd, Palo Alto, CA 94303

2595 E Bayshore Rd, Palo Alto, CA 94303